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Internet Hall of Fame

Thank you for your interest in submitting a nomination for the 2019 Internet Hall of Fame. Please read the guidance below and then click on the ‘start your nomination’ link. On your first visit, you will be directed to a page to create a login before you can start the nomination process.

Please review the nominee eligibility criteria and complete all compulsory fields on this form. Your completed form is the primary tool used to determine the merits of your nominee. Incomplete nominations will not be accepted.

The deadline for completed nominations is 8 March 2019.

The Internet Hall of Fame recognizes:

  • individuals who were instrumental in the design and development of the Internet with exceptional achievements that impacted the Internet's global advancement and evolution;  or    
  • individuals who made outstanding technological, commercial, or other advances and helped to expand the Internet’s positive impact on the lives of others;  or
  • individuals who made major contributions to the growth, connectivity, and use of the Internet, either on a global scale or within a specific region that resulted in global impact.

The nomination requires three (3) endorsement letters from three independent endorsers. The endorsement letters should come from people with a variety of perspectives, both inside and outside the nominee’s geographic region and place of employment, now or at the time of the contribution. The letters should reinforce the scope and global impact of the nominee’s work. 

The nominator must provide e-mail addresses for the three individuals that are to submit endorsement letters. An automated e-mail request will be sent to the endorsers with a copy of the nomination form. The nominator will be notified when each endorsement letter has been submitted. Please allow sufficient time for the letters to be submitted by 8 March.

If the nominee’s contribution was primarily accomplished as part of a team effort, letters from other team members on the nominee's specific contributions are encouraged, but not required. These letters are in addition to the three independent endorsement letters.

Individuals cannot nominate or endorse themselves.

If you have any questions about the form or the award, please contact internethalloffame@isoc.org.

Start your nomination here